The Inspiration

Do you remember your first fragrance?  Mine was Love's Baby Soft, the birthday gift that sparked my fragrance obsession at age nine. So you can imagine how excited I was to have a career as a fashion magazine executive (ELLE, InStyle, Vanity Fair) where I got to work with clients on their fragrance launches. 

However when I was pregnant, the chemicals in perfume and the potential effects on my unborn child really concerned me. But the naturals on the market smelled well, a little “hippie” or “too earthy” for me and only came in messy oils, roller balls or solids. Nothing was beautiful and elegant like the synthetics I was used to wearing. Seeing a hole in the marketplace inspired me to develop a luxurious collection of safe, all natural spray eau de parfums.  

Industry professionals said it would be impossible to create; there are currently less than 300 certified 100% natural essentials oils available. And no one had had success creating natural perfumes without using absolutes (which still contain trace amounts of petrochemicals).Fortunately, a fragrance house was found who took on the challenge. After two years of development, Pour le Monde (for the world) the first certified 100% natural fine fragrances was launched. Our scents have been hailed as a breakthrough in natural perfume creation with each one benefitting a special charity. We hear all the time, “These fragrances are too exquisite to be all natural!” 

Stay tuned for more beautiful scents from Pour le Monde and as always, we hope you wear our fragrances with love, naturally!